We Encourage and support the local community to form self-help groups which will help them to be self-reliant and managers of their own fields.

Fodder Management and land Reclamation project Foundation Limited is a charitable Foundation working with the local people in the lowlands of Lake Baringo, Marigat Sub County and Baringo County.

The place is a semi-arid and arid land which is faced with a number of natural challenges of drought and soil erosion during rains. At the moment the place is facing flooding caused by rivers and the lake. Lake Baringo is increasing in size displacing homesteads and development projects like schools and health centres.According to FOMALAREP Foundation the swelling waters of Lake Baringo are caused by destruction of water catchment areas.

To check this natural disaster, our environments all around Lake Baringo have to be checked to stop soil from being swept all the way to the Lake causing a lot of siltation. Fomalarep Foundation has been started by Mr. Nelson Adan Tokei as the Director. It first begun as a management to his private fields at Lamalok village, Loropili sub location and Ngambo Location next to Marigat town and the Perkerra irrigation scheme. Therefore, he saw there was need to help the rest of the community in conservation of environment and preservation of grass during rainy season for use in dry season.

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Most of the community livestock die due to drought because they are not properly trained on how to preserve grass for future use. However, Fomalarep has discovered there is need to educate the local community on how to manage their grass fields and storage of grass in order to improve their livelihoods. The organization has also done an extensive research and it emerged that the only occupation which will successfully help people in this region to sustain their lives is planting and good management of grass.

Most of the people’s land has been encroached by a tree weed called prosopis.It is a dangerous tree which has changed life of this place because it affects livestock when they feed on its fruits and the tree is growing very fast making land preparation for use very expensive to the local people.



Transform livelihood of the community Improve infrastructure



To improve lives by enhancing productivity and profitability of degraded arid lands,through land Reclamation, Income generating activities and dissemination of knowledge to the community.



We encourage and support the local community to form self-help groups which will help them to be self-reliant and managers of their own fields.

To encourage planting of grass and trees around Lake Baringo to restore the destroyed water catchment areas.
To train and help the local people community on how to plant and manage grass in their private fields which will in turn earn them income hence live a sustainable life.
Encourage and support the local community to form self-help groups which will help them to be self-reliant and managers of their own fields.
Helping those who are not able to clear and plough their land for planting grass during land preparation season.
The main objective of this organization is also to create employment opportunities to most of the unemployed youth by forming a work station with a few paid skilled employees who assist in training the local communities on how they plant and manage grass fields in order to transform their livelihoods.
If our organization will continue getting enough funding, we can buy working equipment’s like a tractor with the implements for ploughing and planting grass and another equipment for cutting grass and folding hay boxes for storage. This will ensure the availability of grass to the local farmers even during dry season.
With proper funding, we can also help the local community to a permanent and a reliable source of water supply. Fomalarep will dig dams and boreholes for the local communities who usually depend on seasonal rivers or travel for long distances in search of water for domestic use.
Look for ready market for their grass seeds and hay. The organization can partner with other organizations to ensure that the locals get a good market for their products. Currently, 1kilogram of grass is sold at 300 shillings but in future we can look for a better price. The best way to it is we monopolize the grass seeds market.Fomalarep can buy from farmers at a reasonable price, store them in stores and wait for prominent buyers.
Fomalarep will introduce quality cattle bulls from elsewhere to crossbreed them with the local spieces.We can set aside a breeding grass field with the high breed bull and organize for local people to bring their female stock for breeding. This will ensure that the quality of livestock is transformed to be able to give high yields in terms of milk and meat prices.
Constructing a cattle dip for the community livestock. The surrounding community doesn’t have any reliable cattle dip for the livestock, so we can make this a priority to safe the community from huge losses which may occur due to the death of their livestock with tick related diseases.
Rebuilding of new houses for those affected by floods of Lake Baringo and rivers.
Build a common community library for school children from all levels of education.
Help them form co-operative societies for all the farmers where they could be able to access loans from money lending institutions.

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